Medicine Technology
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Areas of expertise

The company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» provides project works and offers services for the supply of technology and medical equipment in health care, culture and industry

In the list of major objects with medical and technological equipment of our company in the health sector are the following:

  • State Institution «Republican Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus», equipping of 3 operating rooms with the creation and certification of «clean rooms» in surgical corps;
  • State Institution «RSPC» Mother and Child», equipping with digital systems and the operating system light with video monitoring of gynecologic surgery unit housing;
  • State Institution «RSPC of transplantation of organs and tissues» on the base of «9th Clinical Hospital», complex equipping of 4 operating rooms with the creation and certification of «clean room»;
  • State Institution «RSPC of Oncology and Medical Radiology named by N.N. Alexandrov», Minsk, complex equipping of operationally intensive care unit;
  • State Institution «RSPC Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology» in Gomel, complex equipping with medical and technological equipment
  • State Institution «National Children's Cardiac Center» complex equipping of cardio surgical department with medical equipment.

Among the most important cultural sites, which were equipped by the company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» in the last decade, are the following:

  • National Art Museum of Belarus, the delivery of automation, completed with power control panels for the creation of an automated control system of engineering equipment of the museum, as well as the development of the whole control system.
  • National Library of Belarus, the supply of equipment for the creation of an automated control system of engineering equipment of the library.
  • Belarusian State Philharmonic Society - the supply of automation systems for air conditioning.
  • Art Gallery, Bobruisk - complex equipping of the object with ventilation and air conditioning systems and means of automation.

The company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» offers its services not only in the fields of health and culture, but also in industry.

Over the past 10 years our company has implemented a supply of sterilization equipment to the following major pharmaceutical and industrial companies:

  • RUE «Belmedpreparaty», Minsk
  • Design and Production Enterprise «Design Bureau» of the National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus;
  • JSC «Lenta», a manufacturer of textile products in Belarus, Mogilev;
  • UE «Fiatos», the manufacturer of surgical sutures, Minsk;
  • ULLC «TriplePharm» pharmaceutical production, LOGOISK.