Medicine Technology
The Future is Now


The company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» provides services for designing of objects, development of plans for the construction and monitoring of the conducting operations; provides customers with the technologies needed to build an industrial facility or treatment facility and its operation.

On the basis of the requests and preliminary estimates of the future user and customer of the construction, company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» will prepare its proposal for health-technology order, which subsequently will become the basis for the development of project documentation.

Our offer includes the main indicators of functional capacity and orientation of the designed object, a detailed list of all the structural units of the objects including structure and regulatory areas of all the included in these units premises. At the same time we provide the most efficient location for medical diagnostic, administrative and business and support services and departments, provide the optimal route of movement of patients, staff, visitors, medical supplies, tools, etc.

Modern medical technology is developing rapidly, and trusting us the development of medical and technological solutions, you can be confident that these solutions will be prepared on the basis of the most modern technology and will comply with all regulatory requirements.

Our company also provides planning and monitoring compliance with deadlines and budgets as own supplies and work as well as work performed by subcontractors.