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The Company «ENTRYDELL S.A.», The Swiss Confederation

missionThe Company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» was founded in May 1998 in Switzerland. The core activity of «ENTRYDELL S.A.» is the export sales of medical equipment as well as the realization of investment projects in the social sector and some separate branches of industry on the condition of «turn-key».

President and CEO of the company:
Roland Jakober

The main mission of the company «ENTRYDELL S.A.» is to contribute to people’s health, supplying the markets of European countries with high-quality equipment and advanced technologies from leading West-European manufacturers.

For the realization of its mission the company:

  • offers high-quality equipment of the brands that enjoy won confidence in the sphere;
  • develops unique technological solutions, based on the latest developments in science and technology;
  • carries out investment projects on «turn-key» conditions;
  • involves the best specialists, fostering their personal growth and professional realization.